AAR651 Construction Technology V UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

AAR651 Construction Technology V is extremely helpful in furthering the knowledge and expertise of those who are pursuing a career in construction management. The course covers a comprehensive range of topics, from construction planning and architectural design to construction material selection and cost control measures. In addition to gaining knowledge that can be directly implemented practically, students also gain insights into potential issues they may face while out on the job site. With the use of methods such as problem-solving activities and field trips, AAR651 Construction Technology V allows its participants to understand the various components of construction works effectively.

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Let’s explore a few assignment activities together:

Assignment Activity 1: Adhere the application of the concept of dimensional and modular coordination in IBS constructional design.

The concept of dimensional and modular coordination has long been recognized as a key factor in successful IBS constructional design. Through the efficient use of industry-standard criteria, this concept can provide substantial benefits both in terms of cost savings and time efficiency during project delivery. Adherence to this practice is not only beneficial from a practical perspective but often results in an aesthetically pleasing final product with uniformity across all structural elements. Construction firms are thus encouraged to internalize this process and make it part of their standard operating procedures for ideal results.

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Assignment Activity 2: Describe the requirements and application of IBS and its related material commonly used in building construction.

Interlocking block systems (IBS) are becoming increasingly popular as a form of building construction, particularly in modern practices. As an alternative to traditional methods of constructing walls, IBS offers a faster and more cost-effective solution. To install IBS correctly, one should ensure that the blocks are designed for compressive strength and the mortar must meet standards for its flexural tensile strength.

Furthermore, the appropriate type of reinforcement for the wall should be selected – steel mesh or fiber-reinforced plastic – and quality control enforced during construction. Overall, proper installation of IBS is essential for the satisfaction of durability and performance requirements in modern buildings; it provides increased levels of safety and efficiency, leading to superior results overall.

Assignment Activity 3: Differentiate the complexity of IBS construction through various architectural representations.

One of the great benefits of IBS construction is its flexibility when it comes to representing its architecture. With a range of options available, architects are able to design and construct buildings in line with the specific needs and preferences of their clients. In some cases, basic architectural representations like sketches or CAD drawings suffice, but for more complex buildings, 3D visualization can be utilized to provide a clear understanding of the plans for structural components and other features.

More sophisticated visualization techniques such as virtual reality augmented reality, and photorealistic renderings may also be used in more intricate projects. Ultimately, no matter what level of complexity is desired for an IBS construction project, there is an adequate architectural representation to suit it.

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