AAR563 Engineering Survey UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

AR563 Engineering Survey is an important course in engineering, that introduces students to the fundamentals of surveying. Students will explore topics such as distance measurement and basic surveying instruments, as well as learn to use various tools such as Total Stations and Automatic Levels.

The course will also cover advanced topics in documentation and engineering design projects, making sure that graduates are equipped with the most modern knowledge in surveying applications. AAR563 Engineering Survey promises to be an exciting journey into the world of surveying, allowing students to enhance their employability prospects upon graduation.

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Here, we have a range of assignment activities to choose from:

Assignment Activity 1: Describe the basic theory of engineering surveying and its related equipment.

Engineering surveying is the practice of establishing a physical boundary or location in an environment for engineering projects. By taking precise measurements and analyzing research data, engineers are able to accurately determine where any given project should be placed. Engineering surveying is most commonly associated with land-based engineering projects, though its principles can be applied to other areas as well. The primary tool used during an engineering survey is a Total Station, which uses laser and satellite technology to measure angles and distances over large areas.

Other basic pieces of equipment used in this type of survey include robotic total stations, GPS units, and various other instruments that help in accurately determining the boundaries needed for the constructional process. With these tools and techniques, engineering surveys are able to ensure that construction projects are built in safe locations with optimal outcomes.

Assignment Activity 2: Illustrate the understanding of various measurement techniques and surveying procedures involved in land surveying.

Land surveying is a skill that requires the use of precise measurement, attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of various techniques. Professionals in this field need to have a strong grasp on drafting and layout documentation as well as be adept at utilizing calculators, computers, and other technology for advanced data collection. In order to accurately survey an area, practitioners must possess an in-depth knowledge of boundary line determination, topographical mapping, GPS technology, and construction staking.

All of these skills are used together in order to determine exact boundaries between adjacent properties or obtain detailed information about natural land features. Through the application of proven measurements and surveying procedures, land surveying professionals are able to provide reliable information that is invaluable to many industries including real estate development, engineering, and public works projects.

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