What type of oral dosage form generally yields the greatest amount of systemically available drugs in the least amount of time: Pharmacology Assignment, MSU, Malaysia

University Management & Science University (MSU)
Subject Pharmacology


  • Demonstrate an understanding of the terminology used to describe basic pharmacologic principles, drug classification, and drug development.
  • Describe the basic pharmacokinetic principle including absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion.


  1. What type of oral dosage form generally yields the greatest amount of systemically available drugs in the least amount of time?
  2. What effect does the oral administration of atropine sulfate have on the bioavailability of aspirin from an enteric-coated tablet?
  3. Arrange the rate of drug absorption from FASTEST to SLOWEST. Emulsion, tablet, capsule, suspension, liquid, powder. Justify your answer.
  4. Briefly discuss why the doctor advice to eat the medicine before or after a meal?

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