UEEN1043 : You are asked to demonstrate a program that uses the concept of encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism and the technique of operator overloading in OOP: Object-Oriented Concept and Programming Techniques Assignment, UTAR, Malaysia

University Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)
Subject UEEN1043: Object-Oriented Concept and Programming Techniques

In this assignment, you are asked to demonstrate a program that uses the concept of encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism and the technique of operator overloading in OOP to automatically generate an HTML input form using Python based on a table illustrated in an Excel file. The design of HTML input forms often exhibits a significant amount of repetitive structures that are time-consuming to program, hence making use of Python to provide a general solution to automatically generate various kinds of form structures is attractive and can be a part of the building blocks for industry 4.0 applications.

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Your solution must at least include the support of HTML elements, such as basic tags, textarea, textbox, checkbox, radio, number, date, button, and select menu, to produce the Html output the same as test.html. The Python code to auto-generate the test.html is given by test.py. You are not allowed to change any part of the test.py; what you must do is implement those APIs or methods used in the test.py. All your implementation to fulfil test.py must be included in
simpletag.py which is imported in test.py. A skeleton of simpletag.py is provided to you to start your work. You should not introduce redundant code in your implementation but optimize it using the concept of an object-oriented approach. One potential optimization is to make use of collecting parameters to a dictionary

Once simpletag.py is completed, you are asked to implement a Python application, called markentry.py, which can take markentry.xlsx as an input and automatically produce the HTML
input form with a table arrangement exactly matching that in the markentry.xlsx with those specially tagged fields being translated into HTML elements using methods in simpletag.py.

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