To become more aware of critical aspects of the service encounter from a customer’s perspective: Service Marketing Assignment, SU, Malaysia

University Sunway University (SU)
Subject Service Marketing


1. To become more aware of critical aspects of the service encounter from a
customer’s perspective.
2. To gain an understanding of the critical incident technique’s potency


Consider a time when you had a particularly satisfying interaction with a service company. Follow the instructions here, which are identical to the instructions in a real study, and pay attention to the insights you gain about your needs in any of the services companies (example; Bank, Restaurant, Hotel Stay, Travel, Telecommunication and etc)

a. Describe the scenario’s history.
b. When did the incident occur?
c. What specific events led to this situation?
d. What did the employee (or company) say or do?
e. What happened as a result of the interaction that made you feel satisfied?
f. What could or should have been changed?

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