The scale of the crisis and governments’ responses have been matched by a colossal flow of information about COVID-19: English Assignment, UM, Malaysia

University Universiti Malaya (UM)
Subject English

The scale of the crisis and governments’ responses have been matched by a colossal flow of information about COVID-19 in terms of 24/7 news coverage, televised press conferences provided by both political leaders and health authorities, prime time speeches to the people by kings, presidents, prime ministers, and religious leaders, as well as news analyses, debates, and social media posts. This massive flow of health information and viewpoints on the pandemic is unprecedented and varied.

While young people prefer information through social media such as Instagram or YouTube, older adults are generally informed through national evening television and newspapers. Migrants and refugees may be more effectively reached by migrant community leaders and news sources from their countries of origin.

As the pandemic has developed, the need to provide clear, honest, and valid information to the public all over the world has become obvious, as expressed in a February editorial in the Lancet, concluding that “There may be no way to prevent a COVID-19 pandemic in this globalized time, but verified information is the most effective prevention against the disease of panic”

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