The mean increment for the monthly salary of the employees from company A is RM 456.5 with a standard deviation of RM 90.5: statistics Assignment, UM, malaysia

University Universiti Malaya (UM)
Subject Statistics

3. (a) The mean increment for the monthly salary of the employees from company A is RM 456.5 with a standard deviation of RM 90.5.

(i) Find at least what percentage of the employees receive an increment of RM 230.25 to RM 682.75.

(ii) State the theorem used in part (i) and explain why the theorem is used.

(iii) If the mean and standard deviation of the increment of the employees from company B are RM 380.4 and RM 20.2 respectively. By comparine, the relative variability (i.e. consistency) of company A and B, state the company that has higher variation of salaries increment. (6 marks)

b. Discuss the mean. mode. and median given that the set of values is skewed to the right or positively skewed.

c. Discuss the difference of stratified sampling and cluster sampling.

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