The manager of “Mee Segera Disukai Ramai” suspects that half of his 300 male and female workers are not very motivated: Research Methodology Assignment, UPM, Malaysia


Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

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Research Methodology

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The manager of “Mee Segera Disukai Ramai” suspects that half of his 300 male and female workers are not very motivated to do their job. She also found that those who are motivated are also the ones who have worked for more than five years, received salaries increase, and have been rewarded accordingly over the years.

Suppose you are asked to conduct a study for this company:

  • Define the problem of the study. You are expected to show the relevant variables and illustrate them using a theoretical framework.
  • State five research questions pertaining to the problem of the study.
  • State three objectives of the study and described how each objective can be accomplished through appropriate statistical analyses.

You have been approached by the chief editor of “The Moon” to carry out a research study. The magazine has been unsuccessful in attracting corporate officers to purchase the magazine. As a research consultant, you need to understand and gain insight into the problem of the study. You believe that an exploratory design will help them to identify the problem that is causing the resistance among the corporate customers.

You are also required to prepare a research proposal for the marketing manager.

  • Discuss the steps in preparing the research proposal​​​​
  • Describe the exploratory technique that you would use in defining the problem of the study and explain how it is done. Is it appropriate for you to proceed using the descriptive design? Why?
  • ​State two research questions that could help you to identify and solve the chief editor’s problem
    1. You should do your best to find as much as information which available online.
    2. Your assignment should include bibliographic references to any secondary sources you used.

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