The future of talent management Changing the way you attract, acquire, develop and retain talents: Strategic Talent Management, Assignment, UTM, Malaysia


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

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Strategic Talent Management

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  • The future of talent management: Changing the way you attract, acquire, develop and retain talents.

We live in extraordinary times with a digital transformation happening all around us. Digitalization has been set to reshape the Malaysian employment landscape and the way we manage talents. As technology continues to evolve and make inroads in the human resources function, it is time to use new techniques and new thinking by leveraging existing technology to recruit and retain talents who drive superior value in companies. As an HR manager, you were told to prepare a transformation plan on how to manage talents in your organization in 2022. Your transformation plan should consist of the following contents:

  1. Review the present state of the company regarding digital talent management and identify challenges that digitalization brings to your company. Create new objectives for the HR department and explain the rationale behind the objectives.
  2. Assess the current functioning of the talent management model (talent acquisition, talent development, talent assessment, and talent retention) in your company and state the gaps in terms of the “traditional paradigm” and “emerging paradigm” in this digital era.
  3. Propose new HR practices by using SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) technologies and explain how you incorporate them into your company’s talent management model.
  4. Propose additional resources (expertise, tools, software, and hardware) and the time frame required to enable digital transformation in HR. Identify which processes will be phased out with the intervention of a digital platform.

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