MPU3223/03: Effective teams are not built overnight. When working in a group, we may encounter members with different personalities: Decision Making Skills Assignment, WOU, Malaysia

University Wawasan Open University (WOU)
Subject MPU3223/03: Decision Making Skills

Effective teams are not built overnight. When working in a group, we may encounter members with different personalities and characters. There are some who are more outspoken while others are more reserved. There are also members who may not be able to work with one another. This may cause the group to have difficulties in achieving group decisions. Group leaders may need to employ different techniques when leading the group to make decisions. Unit 4 outlined two group decision techniques we can use to improve team communication and lead to an effective group decision.


  1. What two (2) challenges have you faced when participating in group decision-making with members of different personalities? Explain the incidences or the challenges faced.
  2. What were the techniques used to solve the problem? Elaborate on how the techniques were employed.
    Based on the answer given, reflect on the following questions:
  3. Do you think the techniques used in the interviewee’s situation are suitable to solve the problem? Justify your answer.
  4. What two (2) other techniques do you think could be employed or have been employed in your workplace? Provide examples from your own experience or observations.

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