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Individual Assignment


TME303: Automation and robotics Assignment

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Question 1 [30%]
The initial location and orientation of a robot’s hand are given by �”, and its new location and orientation after a change are given by �#.

a) Construct a transformation matrix Q that will accomplish this transform (in the Universe frame).

b) Assuming the change is small, determine a differential operator that will do
the same.
c) By inspection, solve the differential translation and a differential rotation that constitute this operator

 CA 2-TME303-03-Jan 2024

Question 2

Figure 1(a) and (b) shows a robotic arm used in automotive industry for painting and welding application. Based on the figures:
 CA 2-TME303-03-Jan 2024

a) State number axes rotation
b) Degree of Freedom (DOF) in world space
c) Sketch any three (3) ways by which the robot can reach point P

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Question 3 Lab Practical
Instruction: Student needs to work in individual for Part 1 and Part 2.
The laboratory practicals are separated into two lab sessions with week
#1 of 4 hours and week #2 of 6 hours. The practical sections are to be
conducted with the virtual robot using the EPSON Robot simulator
(cylindrical robot model: G6551S).

The objectives of this laboratory are:
1. To learn about the different components of the robot and gain handson experience on the robotic arm.
2. To demonstrate programming features on the robot.
Lesson Background
1. Make yourself familiar with the robotic arm components for different degrees of freedom and usage of the Robot Arm Simulator’s software for executing the basic actions.
2. Learn how to teach the robot to move to different points of motion.

3. Plan a set of robot paths for picking and placing an object by avoiding obstacles along the way. In the current lab setup, you are expected to create the obstacles as well as the initial and target points.
4. Teach the robot to move according to the path.
5. Write a short program for executing the planned path. The path must have a welldefined avoidance point, Hover point, and approach point before grasping and releasing the object.
6. Execute the program and demonstrate it to the instructor.
7. Submit the programs and the coordinates of different points in your assignment report.

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