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Academic Session 2024
January 2024 Semester
Assignment 2

BMG 323/03

Question 1
Using market basket analysis, construct a combination of two purchased items into an appropriate table or matrix. Record the following:
(i) Frequency
(ii) Support
(iii) Confidence
(iv) Lift

Which of the following 3 combinations would you prioritize? Justify the reason.

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Question 2

A business analyst has been tasked to study the relationship of telemarketing effectiveness. It has been hypothesized the conversion of effective sales is proportion to the number of calls. A time series study over 1 month has been conducted to evaluate the median sales and the number of calls made per day. Table 2 illustrates the result. The business analyst is required to perform a few data visualizations and use appropriate data analytics to justify the result.
Academic Session 2024 January 2024 Semester Assignment 2
a) Based on the table above, visualize the overall relationship through a Scatter Diagram Comment on the scatter diagram.
b) Describe the use of regression model in analytics modelling. Name 3 basic assumptions.
c) Using manual computation, derive a simple linear relationship. Comment on the regression model
d) Now, repeat the process with automated solution (through MS Excel)

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Question 3

a) Based on the scenario above of the sales calls and the number of units sold, you will determine the confidence interval of 95% for any 25 sales call.
A new agent by the name of Jorge has just joined and made 25 calls. Determine the estimated amount of sales call.

b) In addition, it has been hypothesized that the number of experience (months) impacts on the predicted units sold.
Academic Session 2024 January 2024 Semester Assignment 2
Based on this model, remodel the relationship as Multiple regression. Use MS Excel to solve it.

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