MNE60103 analyze current innovations in teaching strategies and its applications to nursing education: Contemporary Issues in Nursing Education Essay, UMS, Malaysia



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Individual Assignment


MNE60103 Contemporary Issues in Nursing Education

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Students are expected to:
 analyze current innovations in teaching strategies and its applications to nursing education.
 analyze various forces affecting nursing education.

As a nursing lecturer of a local nursing degree program in the 21st century, you have witnessed innovations in various fields and sectors, including nursing education. Of the various innovations in teaching strategies, discuss a blend (or a set) of the innovations in teaching-learning methods that you will most likely adopt in the majority of your teaching strategies.

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Based on your readings and evidence, analyze and discuss their:

– significant differences with the other teaching strategies.
– advantages, drawbacks and forces affecting its applications to nursing education.
– functions to complement one another.
– impact on nursing students and their academic performance.


The following criteria should be addressed in your written assignment:
A. The expected quality of report
Criteria assessed
1) Identification of the problems / gaps in nursing education that you have experienced / encountered (reflection), which relevantly link to your discussion in this assignment.
2) Brief description of the problems / gaps: accurate and relevant information, in-depth, and critical assessment of the facts of the problems / gaps or knowledgeable about the problems / gaps.
3) Synthesis / Integration of knowledge: exhibit a defined and clear understanding of the selected teaching strategy; discussions and analyses clearly defined and well-constructed; able to build upon the discussions and analyses with well-documented and exceptional supporting facts and/or statements.
4) Foundation of knowledge: proficient command of the subject matter; impressive level of depth to relate course content to practical examples and applications; provide comprehensive analysis of details, facts and/or concepts in a logical sequence

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