MGT7201E: Many organizational theorists write of the importance of corporate culture in implementation and argue that culture needs: Strategic Management Report, IIU, Malaysia

University INTI International University (IIU)
Subject MGT7201E: Strategic Management

Many organizational theorists write of the importance of corporate culture in implementation and argue that culture needs to be considered in the implementation of the strategy.

The correct relationships between cultural values and beliefs, organizational strategy, and the business environment can enhance organizational performance. Dan Denison argues that the fit among strategy, environment, and culture is associated with four categories of culture: adaptability, mission, involvement, and consistency.

The adaptability culture is characterized by a strategic focus on the external environment through flexibility and change to meet customer needs. The culture encourages norms and beliefs that support the capacity of the organization to detect, interpret, and translate signals from the environment into new behavior responses. The mission culture places major importance on a shared vision of the organization’s purpose. Organizational leaders shape behavior by envisioning a desired future state that is important to everyone.

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