Learning by discovery is a technique for helping learners create and organize knowledge. Involving mindful participation: Guidance For Children Assignment, UPM, Malaysia

University Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Subject Guidance For Children

Learning by discovery is a technique for helping learners create and organize knowledge. Involving mindful participation and active inquiry, it typically takes place during problem-solving situations. The learner draws upon past knowledge and experience to infer underlying strategies and gain an understanding of concepts. Traditional theories of learning suggest that discovery plays an important role in learning about abstract concepts and in increasing student persistence and creativity.

More recent theories have also emphasized the view of the child as an active participant, as opposed to a passive recipient, in the learning process. For example, the theory posits that young children learn in a process akin to the scientific method: examining current experience in the face of prior beliefs or theories. Young children seek out underlying causes of phenomena and can become curious in the face of confusing or anomalous data. The resulting perspective is of a child who can benefit and learn via discovery.

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