ITT270: Understand the concept of a digital systems and arithmetic logic circuit: Digital electronic Assignment, UTM, Malaysia


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ITT270: Digital electronic

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The Objectives

By the end of this assignment, you should be able to
• Understand the concept of a digital systems and arithmetic logic circuit
• Understand the implementation of digital circuits in designing a digital system



a) Draw the logic circuit

b) Simplify the Boolean expression using Boolean algebra and De Morgan’s theorem.

c) List FOUR (4) steps involved in designing combinational logic circuits.

d) Draw the simplified expression in (b) using NAND gates only.

The diagram shown above is a Water Irrigation System with Soil Moisture Sensor. The sensor will generate a scale of soil moisture between 0-3. From the scale value, the water irrigation system will function as stated in the table below. Noted also that an alarm buzzer will be activated if the water is overflowed to warn that the system is not functioning well.
The soil moisture sensor also triggers the fertilizer signal whenever the soil is not dry or wet.

Please design the logic circuit for the system. Your solution should include the following:
a) Truth table.
b) Boolean expression (SOP).
c) Logic circuit diagram.
d) Due to some circumstances, there is a possibility of redesigning the logic circuits using NAND gates only, or NOR gate only. Thus, you need to show how you derive the simplified expression using Boolean Algebra and De Morgan Theorem for this purpose. Then, draw the new logic circuit diagram using i) NAND gates only. ii) NOR gates only.

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An earthquake can create seismic waves which are dangerous to fishermen in open water. To warn of the earthquake occurrences to fishermen, the Bora Island authority decided to install an Earthquake Warning System at the coastguard station. The earthquake is measured using the Ritcher scale. Detection of earthquake is indicated by two LEDs and a siren. The Earthquake Warning System diagram is as follows:

Design the logic circuit for Bora Island’s Earthquake Warning System. Your solution should demonstrate how you derive a truth table, build a respective Karnaugh map from the truth table and finally determine the simplified expression that will be used to draw the optimal combinational logic circuits


1. Digital encoder plays an important role in many devices to facilitate people or help make human life easier in many aspects.
a) Describe how bit binary encoder differs from priority encoder and explain their applications.
b) Based on Boolean expression , draw a logic circuit using a decoder and an OR gate.

a) Explain the following flip flops and state their suitable applications. Support your answer with appropriate diagrams.
i. Set-Reset (SR) flip-flop or Latch.
ii. JK flip-flop.
iii. D (Data or Delay) flip-flop.

b) Differentiate between Asynchronous and synchronous counters.

Draw your design for (a) and (b) using Logisim and proof the working of your design by showing the output of its execution.
a. Design a mod-14 ripple counter that counts from 0 to 13.
b. Design a mod-12 ripple counter that counts from 0 to 11.

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