Impairment losses of RM4 million were deemed to have arisen by 30 September 2021 in respect of goodwill of ST Berhad: Financial Accounting Case Study, UON, Malaysia


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Financial Accounting

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Financial Position: 

  • Impairment losses of RM4 million were deemed to have arisen by 30 September 2021 in respect of goodwill of ST Berhad. The impairment losses were classified under other expenses account.
  • During the financial year ended 30 July 2021, ST Berhad had sold goods to GD
    Berhad amounting to RM15,000,000. The profit margin is 20% on the selling price Of these goods, one-third remained in the closing inventory of GD Berhad n at the reporting date.
  • ST Berhad sold a piece of machinery to GD Berhad for RM10,000,000 on 1 October 2020. This equipment had a carrying value of RM4,000,000 prior to transfer. The gain on sale was shown as ‘other income’ in the books of ST Berhad. The equipment had a four-year useful economic life remaining at the date of transfer. The depreciation was classified under other expenses account.
  • On 1 July 2021, ST Berhad declared a dividend of RM10,000,000 out of post-acquisition profits. GD Berhad recorded its share of dividend as ‘other income’.
  • GD Berhad has a joint venture arrangement with FDS Berhad for CRS Sdn Bhd,
    sharing of control with ownership of 50 percent by each party since the year 2016. During the year, CRS Sdn Bhd’s net profit after tax amounted to RM60,000,000. There are some year-end transactions not accounted in the CRS Sdn Bhd financial statements as follows:

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