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The efficacy of cricket frass (Gryllus bimaculatus) as a new potential poultry feed material on the growth of free-range chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus).


Currently, fish meal, corn, soybean, and animal-based meal are the main source and have been massively utilized for the production of poultry feed. If this continues for some period, it will give a serious threat to the environmental issue. Some of the materials are not sustainable in terms of cost and production. Based on the Malaysian Minister of Agriculture in 2015, the country has imported corn from a foreign country to be used as poultry feed for an amount of RM5.6 billion and Malaysia will open new land for corn plantations to reduce the import cost.

From this view, this will burden the breeder with the cost of feed, and in the aspect of the environment, opening new land just to sustain the demand will bring a bad impact on the environment. Hence, the insect has been considered a substitution source of protein for animal feed. Cricket frass is a by-product of the cricket farming process and can be seen to have the potential to be employed as poultry feed material.

It was hypothesized from this study that the cricket frass could show at least, comparable effects to other commercially available poultry feeds. Several growth parameters for free-range chickens have been measured to reflect the effects of different poultry feeds in comparison with the newly introduced cricket frass as poultry feed material.

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The objectives of this study are as follows:

  1. To determine the efficacy of cricket frass on different growth parameters of free-range chickens in comparison with other types of commercially available poultry feeds.
  2. To construct complete graphical presentations with descriptions reflecting the effects of different poultry feed types on the specified parameters: Weight (kg), Body Circumference (cm), Breast Width (cm), and Drumstick Length (cm).
  3. To determine which parameter pairings exhibit strong positive linear relationships between each other.
  4. To establish regression equation(s) based on the existing positive linear relationships among different pairings of poultry growth parameters.

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