How does entrepreneurship orientation integrated into corporations influence the organization’s performance: Strategic Entrepreneurship Assignment, SU, Malaysia


Sunway University (SU)

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Individual Assignment


Strategic Entrepreneurship

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  1. How does entrepreneurship orientation integrated into corporations influence the organization’s performance?
  2. When achieving a corporation’s intended objectives, where do you begin; formulation of strategy or formulation of structure first? Kindly acknowledge the source of your argument in addition to your own.
  3. The level of Entrepreneurial Intensity (EI) in a corporation is said to be a function of the frequency of its activities and entrepreneurial orientation. Although this is explicit in a profit-making organization, it is implicit in a non-profit organization. Suggest how EI can be practiced in a non-profit corporation in order for it to achieve its objectives. Support the arguments with proper examples. 
  4. How does the idea of entrepreneurship go beyond commercial purposes (that resides mostly in profit-based corporations), but also apply to a higher purpose that benefits humanity and the environment?

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