Green retrofitting is acknowledged as an essential strategy for achieving long-term sustainability in the built environment: Facility Management Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject Facility Management


Green retrofitting is acknowledged as an essential strategy for achieving long-term sustainability in the built environment. The retrofitting approach can reduce the negative effects of development, construction, and urbanization on the environment.

Grounded on the above statement, answer the following tasks:

a)   Conduct literature reviews on the concept of green retrofitting including definitions based on the triple bottom of sustainable development, why green retrofitting, how much the benefits of implementing the concept, and the current practices in the green retrofit.

b)  Select ONE case study of a retrofit project in Malaysia or abroad that has undergone the green retrofitting concept and discuss the process of green retrofitting and other aspects related to the strategy of retrofitting approach.

c)   Discuss the drivers of green retrofit that contribute to the successful green retrofit project implementation and the barriers faced by the stakeholders involved in green retrofit projects.


Sustainable operations and maintenance (O&M) practices focus primarily on the actions of building occupants, and encompass safety, health, safety, comfort, and productivity with an understanding of the need for the application of reuse and recycle building components. In addition, taking into consideration the sustainability elements of the maintenance will directly support the definition of sustainability and the application of the three pillars.

Based on ONE organization that you have selected, describe the maintenance planning and create a sustainable maintenance program/plan by including the element of sustainable practices, skills and strategies, and maintenance model. Include additional requirements of the current pandemic situation.

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