FIN60804: Future and Options Assignment, TU, Malaysia, As a Finance student, you may consider embarking on personal trading in the future to generate additional income or to become a professional trader


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As a Finance student, you may consider embarking on personal trading in the future to generate additional income or to become a professional trader. Prior to trading with your own money in the real market, this trading simulation exercise would be useful. PLUS 500 is an online trading platform that will enable you to open a virtual account and trade with virtual money. You can trade as many transactions/ volumes as you like with the amount of virtual money given. You are required to use only fundamental and/or technical analysis in your trading strategy.

Indicate THREE (3) different FUTURES contracts from any THREE (3) different underlying asset categories (i.e., commodity, FOREX, indexes, ETF, and shares) that you have traded with. Each
contract would have one (1) open and closed/ongoing position. Justify the reason/rationale of each transaction (i.e., the reason to open and close/ongoing positions) and the outcome of those transactions by providing supporting materials or documents. You are encouraged to use the event study method to justify your strategy.

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1.) Install and register a demo account on Plus500 Trading on mobile Apps.
2.) Select THREE different FUTURES contracts from THREE different underlying asset categories (commodity, FOREX, indexes, ETF, and shares)
3.) Start to trade all the Futures contracts which you have selected. You must trade a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 10 days during your semester. Remember! This is just a demo trading. Avoid using real money.
4.) Compile all transactions (including different types of underlying assets) that you had traded and include them in this assignment report.
5.) Marks will not be awarded based on the profit or loss amount that you made but based on the rationale of each transaction.
6.) Print-screen the outcome of the important transactions that you have chosen and include it in your report.

Trading strategy report

1. List each of the commodities you will trade and explain why they were your choice
2. Explain as specifically as you can the factors which decide the price for each commodity you will trade
3. You should include a diagram illustrating the price determination for each of your products.
4. Specify as precisely as possible how you will make trading decisions. What will be your source of information? How will you use this data? Will you use technical, fundamental, or expert opinion, or will you utilize all three? For example, will you trade (a) purely technically, using only past price with a system such as moving averages; (b) purely fundamentally with supply, demand, weather, and world political information; (c) purely based on expert opinion from reviewing authoritative market newsletters; or (d) a combination of all three?
5. What will you do if you have “poor luck in the markets” as the semester progresses? Will you wait to see if your luck improves, or will you cut your losses and attempt to enhance your plan with different, more effective methods? Does your group have a plan to conduct research (reading) during the semester to enhance its methods?

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