Explore the significance of either the mobile phone or social networking websites in the 21st Century: Interior Architecture Essay, TU, Malaysia

University Taylor's University (TU)
Subject Interior Architecture
  • Explore the significance of either the mobile phone or social networking websites in the 21st Century. What are the cultural implications of their popularity?
  • Discuss the social, political, and/or technological changes that influence the development of an early modern art style, and demonstrate how those contextual factors may still be influential on creatives working today.
  • Compare the work of two graphic designers/illustrators/ typographers. One of the pair should be contemporary, and one from the past. Do they take inspiration from similar movements? What philosophies or worldviews do they share? How is this reflected in their work?
  • Analyse and evaluate the work of a recognized graphic designer. Illustrate your account with examples, showing how they have influenced your own creative work.
  • Design movements throughout the century until today have altered our worldview in various ways and perspectives. Diverse approaches and considerations have been improvised, driven by the emergence of new technologies or the impact of social revolution. Using “sustainability’ as a theme, explain how building designs have evolved from the past to the present and how will it be affected in the future with relevant research and example.
  • You are to choose a distinguished Interior Designer or Architect who you believe has had a profound impact on the built environment & design industry. Analyse and discuss his or her design philosophies/styles with relevant examples of their works. In what way did he/she influence your design decisions & personal style?

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