Explain the law on the intention to create legal relations in the formation of contract. In your explanation: Business Law Assignment, TU, Malaysia

University Taylor's University (TU)
Subject Business law

Explain the law on the intention to create legal relations in the formation of contract. In your explanation, make reference to the relevant case law. (10 marks)

Dylan Cafe, known for its popularity and high standards, had implemented a safety policy mandating all waiters to use non-slip trays as a precautionary measure against mishaps, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience for customers. Bob, a regular customer at Dylan Cafe, encountered an unforeseen and troubling circumstance while on a routine visit. While savoring his cup of coffee, a waiter named Riri accidentally spilled a scalding hot cup of tea on Bob’s lap, resulting in severe burns.

Riri apologized profusely and clarified to Bob that the absence of a non-slip tray was due to its current unavailability, with all trays already in use owing to the bustling crowd of customers. Identify any actions available in the tort of negligence and analyze the elements of the tort accordingly. (10 marks)

About the Law of Tort , explain the meaning and effect of: a) Duty of care b) Breach of duty c) Damages (10 marks)

a) In relation to the Law of Agency, both agent and principal hold several duties. Explain FIVE duties of an agent.
b) Jessie wants to start an insurance business. She needs to hire few people as her agents. She asks for your advice on creation of agency. Advise Jessie on FIVE ways to appoint an agent.

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