DQS351: Measurement of Groundworks and Concrete Works in Superstructure and Describe the uses of measurement in the local and international construction industries: Measurement of Construction Works Assignment, UITM, Malaysia

University Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Subject DQS351: Measurement of Construction Works

Second Case Study – Measurement of Groundworks and Concrete Works in Superstructure

Learning Outcomes addressed:

This assessment addresses the following unit learning outcomes:

  1. Describe the uses of measurement in the local and international construction industries;
  2. Interpret and communicate industry principles and rules for measuring simple construction works;
  3. Interpret specifications and drawings for measuring simple construction works; and
  4. Apply construction methods and measurement principles to produce measurements for simple construction works in accordance with industry principles and rules.


This assessment gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding and ability to measure and bill quantities for Groundworks, Concrete, Formwork and Reinforcement trade items relating to a building superstructure (above the ground slab) for a classroom block.


Measure and bill all required items for Columns, Beams, Suspended Slab, and Staircase.

Do not include preamble items or items not specifically asked for or not inferred by the questions.

Items and quantities are to be measured from the given drawings in accordance with the principles and protocols we have covered in Introduction to Measurement of Construction Works and in accordance with ANZSMM 2018 Edition or ASMM 6th Edition.


Concrete: Refer to S001.

Formwork: All formwork is to be Class 3 for staircase and Class 2 for column.

Reinforcement: Refer to S001

Additional notes: Make reasonable assumptions where necessary.
Document your assumptions on the query sheet.

Please note that while it has noted as precast concrete column, the engineers decide to change this to In-situ Concrete. However, you can refer to Section 10 Drawing S1.03 for details.

  • Concrete to all isolated columns.
  • Please note that first floor RL:7.50 & Ground Floor RL:3.90.
  • Suspended slab thickness is 300 thick comprising of 95 thick structural topping and the depth of the beam is 200 thick. Refer to Detail 1 & 2 Drawing S3.02.
  • Formwork to all isolated columns.
  • All Reinforcement in columns. Please allow additional lengths for extending the vertical bars to the top by 450mm length with hook 150mm at the end, and 200mm length into the footings with hook 150mm at the end.

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