Discuss FIVE (5) issues associated with Putaways and Picking. These could include putaway: Inventory Management Report, UUM, Malaysia


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Inventory Management Report

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  1. This assignment aims to fulfil CLO2 – Present putaway and picking activities of an organisation. (Chapter 5) (C3, PLO5)
  2. The marks allocated for this assignment is 30%. (Report: 20%, Presentation: 10%)
  3. Students are required to analyze issues related to inventory location, planning and control practices in a real organization.

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  1. Question: (CHAPTER 5)

a. Discuss FIVE (5) issues associated with Putaways and Picking. These could include putaway and picking equipment, automated storage and retrieval systems and vehicles, the impact of mechanization, putaways and its methodologies, reslotting.

  1. Save your file with your Group Leader Name, Section No., Name of the Assessment and Subject Code as the file’s name. (Example of the file’s name: Fauziah Yusof_S1_Report_MGT3273).

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