Discuss briefly the Nursing management when taking care of pediatric patient with terminally ill your hospital: Pediatric Nursing Assessment, Assignment, WU, Malaysia


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Pediatric Nursing

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Managing the unwell child can be a frightening experience for everyone involved. The identification of an unwell child can be difficult for those not used to examining babies or children. However, using a consistent checklist to make your assessment based on physiology can provide important pointers that a child may be compensating and is more unwell than they seem. Assessment is easier in a child-friendly environment and with the use of age-appropriate distractions to help make the examination go more smoothly.

1. Discuss briefly the Nursing management when taking care of pediatric patient with terminally ill your hospital.
2. Discuss the evidence based practice on special population care (Pediatric nursing)
3. Analyze on the prevention measure in reducing the mortality and morbidity among children

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