Develop RQ, RO, Hypothesis and Framework Data screening and data coding in excel and then SPSS based on the questionnaire given: DATA ANALYSIS Assignment, TU, Malaysia

University Taylor's University (TU)


Answer the below questions:

QUESTION 1: Develop RQ, RO, Hypothesis and Framework.

NOTE: IV variable is training development (TD); DV variable is employee performance(EP)

QUESTION 2: Data screening and data coding in excel and then SPSS based on the questionnaire given

QUESTION 3: Compute variable of TD and EP based on their items. then from now until the end of the questions only use TD and EP as variables of this assignments.

QUESTION 4: Describe what is descriptive analysis, what is the different between mean, median and SD in your findings? Run a descriptive / frequency analysis on all the variable in the dataset and interpret the findings.


QUESTION 5: Describe what is test of difference (T-TEST), and then conduct t-test for nominal variable on IV and DV variables and interpret the findings.

QUESTION 6: Conduct test of difference (ANOVA) for all categorical variable on IV and DV variables and interpret the findings. Add post-hoc test when it is needed.

QUESTION 7:  Define reliability, and conduct reliability assessment (Cronbach’s alpha) for variables and interpret the findings, does any variable requires item removal? If yes, why?

QUESTION 8: Define correlation, and conduct a correlation analysis and interpret the findings.

QUESTION 9: Conduct a regression analysis between IV and DV and interpret the findings (e.g., R-square, p-value). Then if the results are significant, propose your research model.

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