Describe the data set in the Introduction in terms of where this data set came from, what the data is about, and what you plan to do analyze: Bachelor of Information Technology Data Analytics Assignment, HU, Malaysia

University HELP University (HU)
Subject Bachelor of Information Technology Data Analytics


This is an individual assignment. The objective of this assignment is to demonstrate the Excel and analytical skills that you have learned throughout this course using a real dataset (download from Kaggle). The content of the report should include Cover Page. Table of Contents, Introduction, Methodology and Results, Discussion, and Conclusion.

1. Describe the data set in the Introduction in terms of where this data set came from, what the data is about, and what you plan to do analyze (Objective and Problem Statement).

2. Download a data set from You can trim the dataset, but it must consist of at least 200 observations. In order to avoid duplication, please register your dataset using the link below.

3. In the Methodology and Results section. conduct the following analysis:

  • Design TWO different queries using logical functions
  • Design a retrieval application using a combination of VLOOKUP/MATCH/INDEX/IF functions
  • Design a PivotTable, and use this Table to show/extract TWO different information and visualize this information using PivotChart
  • Create THREE different charts and ONE combination chart • Create data visualization with either data bars, color scales, or customized icon sets
  • Comment on the frequency distribution and histogram of a categorical variable • Comment on the frequency distribution and histogram of a numerical variable
  • Comment on the statistical measures using the Descriptive Statistics Tool of one of the variables
  • Investigate the correlation between two variables, and interpret the coefficient
  • Build a regression model, and use this model for a prediction.

4. In the Discussion section, discuss the results above. and how it relates back to your objective and problem statements.

5. Provide your conclusion about the project outcome

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