CXD1203:Consider the following set of requirements for a worldwide package delivery database that is used to keep track of couriers who ship parcels: DATABASES 1 Assignment, SC, Malaysia

University Sunway College (SC)
Subject CXD1203:DATABASES 1

This project will be done in a group of a maximum of THREE (3) students.
Consider the following set of requirements for a worldwide package delivery
database that is used to keep track of couriers who ship parcels and customers who receive parcels.

Each parcel must be identifiable and trackable, so the database must be able
to store the parcel tracking number, and its history of locations. The database
must also record the weight of the parcel, and the name, email and phone
number of sender. Each sender sends one or more parcels.

A courier must deliver at least 50 parcels a day. Each parcel is delivered by one
and only one courier. Each courier has unique employee id, name, salary, position, phone numbers, address and email.

Each parcel is shipped to a recipient. The sender must provide complete and
accurate recipient information to the courier company that includes recipient
name, phone number, and address. The complete address must include city,
state, and postcode.

A recipient may receive one or more parcels at the same time. The time and date of the delivery, and the name of the recipient will be recorded when the parcel is delivered to the recipient successfully.

i. Draw the ER diagram. Identify the relationships between entities. You can
make logical assumptions with concrete justifications.

ii. Design the database based on the information given and your own
creativity. Identify the suitable data types, primary key(s) and foreign key(s)
for tables created based on the case study above. Screenshot your
database structure and all relevant SQL queries.

iii. Insert sample data into the tables in package delivery database.

iv. Create TWO inner join queries to retrieve data from multiple tables

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