BUS7AO: Critically evaluate the components which are widely recognised as contributory factors to the concept and occurrence of risk: Evaluating Risk Report, UOM, Malaysia

University University of Moratuwa (UOM)
Subject BUS7AO Evaluating Risk

MBA – Evaluating Risk and Decisions – Assignment 1

Utlising a company of your own choice undertake independent research that may include relevant company reports and information, business media, publications from statutory bodies and governments in order to draw on practitioner examples, together with supporting theoretical sources to undertake the following:

  1. Critically evaluate the components which are widely recognised as contributory factors to the concept and occurrence of risk within a business and societal setting and acknowledges economic and legal implications.
  2. A knowledge transfer of the classification of risk, as a foundation for the design and risk management plan which identifies the potential hazards, hazard sources and hazardous events prior to assessing the associated risks. Evaluate the control measures to be implemented for the identified risks. State how the control measures and effectiveness of the risk management plan will be monitored from an operational perspective, including corrective actions, record keeping and review frequencies.

In each section the use of supporting recent and relevant academic theory is required to underpin your answer.

Professional business presentation and structure with clear headings, sub-headings and that includes a brief introduction and summary will also be an aspect of the overall assignment mark.

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