Briefly discuss the purpose of the study, the research questions and the sample studied: HOME-SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP Assignment, Malaysia


Part A
Read the article “FACTORS INFLUENCING PARENTS’ INVOLVEMENT IN GUIDING THEIR CHILDREN’S STUDIES IN KINDERGARTEN IN PENANG” by Jaya Kumar Shanmugam, Kalaivani Kalimuthu, Lai Pranee and Chung Jiun Yin. and answer the following questions:

1. Briefly discuss the purpose of the study, the research questions and the sample studied [0.5 page]

2. Discuss the main findings of the study [4 pages]

3. Implication and Conclusion of the study [0.5 pages] Part B– 5 pages

Write an essay titled:
“Leadership in Early Childhood Education Centres”
• You could include the following:
o What does the leader do
o Leadership styles
o Characteristic of good leaders
o Effective supervision of staff
• You decide on the format
• Use your own words and do not copy and paste
• Give you opinions

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Part C 
Write a Report on:
Parental Involvement in My School (Taska or Tadika)
Use the following Questions as a Guide for your Report
• How do you welcome parents to your school?
• Have you asked parents for their ideas?
• How do you communicate with parents?
• How do parents volunteer to help with your school?
• How has the surrounding community & neighbourhood (who are not parents of the children you teach) involved with your school?
• Have you had workshops or talks on how parents can help their children at home?
• How have parents been involved in decision making in your school?
• What are the benefits of parent involvement?
• What are the barriers to parents getting involved in your school?
• Are you satisfied with the involvement of parents in your school?
• How do you think you can improve parent involvement?

• The Questions are only a guide
• You can add your own questions
o You do not have to follow the sequence of the questions
o You decide on the format of your report
o You DO NOT need to make references

• You decide on the format of the essay
• You DO NOT need to make references

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