BBMC4103: Change Management Assignment, OUM, Malaysia Few firms can thrive in the face of constant change Although change is difficult to accept, it is your responsibility

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject BBMC4103: Change Management


Few firms can thrive in the face of constant change. Although change is difficult to accept, it is your responsibility as a leader to ensure that your staff is prepared for these unavoidable alterations in how things are done. This could be anything from a simple reorganization of the workforce to a merger or acquisition of another company. While the adjustments may be vital for the company’s future, you will most likely face some obstacles and hurdles. Anticipating these stumbling blocks will help you avoid them before they become serious challenges in the workplace transformation implementation.

Choose an organization that suits your current working field such as manufacturing, oil, and gas, construction, etc. Assume that your project will undergo ONE change. You are required to produce a change management report to your upper management. The report should consist of:

  • Explain the changes that will be made to your project.
  • Discuss the barriers to this change management.
  • Describe how to overcome the barriers.
  • Provide a clear and attractive chart to show a process of how to inform your team about forthcoming change.
  1. Conclusion


Prepare a video presentation for Task 1 in THREE (3) MINUTES. Capture a video presentation of yourself with the slide presentation and upload it upon submission. You are required to upload this assignment in the form of a file in mp4 format (not to exceed 400MB). Please submit in a separate file for this Task 2 only.


  • Draft Your Content: Know What to Present.
  • Consistent Format: Avoid Confusion
  • Less Text: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
  • Make sure you have a good conclusion. It helps to repeat your main points and summarise your findings.
  • The presentation is very short so try to make two or three very good points and you need to make sure that you only use the information that you need to support and clarify those points.


Discuss the topic below in the MyInspire forum, screenshot your discussion feedback, and paste it into your report together with Task 1.

“The Hard Side of Change Management during Covid-19 Pandemic”

Your e-tutor will create a folder in the assignment discussion. Please leave your opinion under that folder. Do not create another discussion folder to avoid confusion.

Do the following:

  1. Select the best FIVE (5) of your postings from the forum discussion set up by your e-tutor.
  2. Do screenshots of the postings and include them as images in your assignment.
  3. The screenshots should be in an image file (either in JPG or PNG format). Refer to the sample of Screen Grab below.
  4. The screenshots should contain the Name, Title of the discussion, Day, Date, and Time. No marks will be given if there is no evidence of attachment.

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