As Head of Compliance at FirmCorp Sdn Bhd, an organisation regulated in Malaysia: Top 5 Compliance Issues in the Organisation Assignment, Malaysia


As Head of Compliance at FirmCorp Sdn Bhd, an organisation regulated in Malaysia, you have been invited to deliver a session at the next board meeting to provide an update on the top five compliance issues that currently occupy your time.

You decide to focus on a mixture of both current and emerging regulatory compliance issues and initiatives.

Provide the content of your session. The issues identified may be specific to the organisation or issues affecting the sector or market as a whole, but you should clearly demonstrate the role of the compliance function in helping the business to understand the implications and to facilitate solutions.

i i. give a broad view of these regulatory compliance issues and their drivers.

i ii. evaluate any relevant laws and regulations and their implications for the firm and for compliance.

i iii. suggest appropriate measures and demonstrate how the compliance function will plan to proactively help the business to manage its regulatory risk.

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