AngTiong offered to sell his pharmacy to Zol for RM1 million via letter: Business Law Assignment, TU, Malaysia

University Taylor's University (TU)
Subject Business law

Assignment 1 – Counter Offer (20%) AngTiong offered to sell his pharmacy to Zol for RM1 million via letter. Zol in reply gave a new figure which is less than RM50,000.

AngTiong was silent as to the offer. A couple of days later Zol changed his mind and agreed to the original amount. AngTiong refused to sell and Zol claimed a contract has come into existence. Advise Zol.

Assignment 2 – Agency by Necessity (20%) Ekman, a farmer in Johore, instructed Ronit, who ran a transportation service, to deliver some vegetables to Penang. When the lorry arrived at Kuala Kubu, there were landslides and also floods which caused the road to be closed and not accessible by any transport. Ronit, thinking that the weather will get worse, decided to sell the vegetables at Pasar Malam Lambak before the condition of the goods worsened.

Ekman is upset with the decision made by Ronit and wants to sue for his losses. Advise Ekman. Assignment 3 – Law of Partnership (20%) How a partnership business can be terminated?

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