AGMH2423: Program a microcontroller to perform certain tasks using suitable programming languages: Embedded Controller Assignment, UTAR, Malaysia

University Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Learning Outcome

CLO3. Program a microcontroller to perform certain tasks using suitable programming languages.


This project provides an opportunity for the students to design a washing machine controller and its user interface uses Microcontroller PIC16F877A and its associated devices.

Students have to carry out research on the latest washing machine operations in the market and their available functions and then evaluate the performance of the microcontroller before designing their controller.

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Machine Requirements

  1. The machine is expected to provide the following inputs (minimum):
    a) A start/stop signal
    b) A mode selector (minimum 3 modes)
    c) A water level sensor
    d) A method for the users to enter into mode setting to configure machine operation
  2. The machine is expected to provide the following outputs (minimum):
    a) A motor interface and control (clockwise-anticlockwise)
    b) A water valve (solenoid controlled)
    c) A water pump
    d) A LCD display
    e) LED indicators (of for example signal for operations complete)
  3.  The machine is expected to provide the following operations (or cycles) (minimum):
    a) Water inflowing
    b) Washing (cycles)
    c) Water Rinsing
    d) Fast Spinning
  4. Basic safety features to protect the users and their property

Project Requirements

  • Use of Microchip PIC16F877A microcontroller and its associated functions.
  • Clean and lean programme codes (and well documented)
  • Clear BOM list
  • Clear schematic diagram
  • A clear flow of operations

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