ACC4264: Describe the importance of having a Performance Measurement System and critically discuss several types: Advanced Management Accounting Assignment, IIU, Malaysia


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ACC4264: Advanced Management Accounting

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Question 1

(a) Describe the importance of having a Performance Measurement System and critically discuss several types of performance measures used in an organization.

(b) Discuss the main problems associated with the return on investment measure and explain why these problems did not appear before the 1970s and 1980s.

(c) Implementing a strategy is a challenging task in corporations. Critically discuss SIX (6) factors which makes implementation challenging.

Question 2

Natali founded the Creative Grocery Trading Sdn Bhd in 2018. The business grew rapidly and gained good reputation in the southern region of West Malaysia in the past 3 years.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic which began at the end of 2019, Natali is consistently reforming the business sustainability. Natali and her management team presented the organisation’s current business status and the desired business status 5 years in the future as below:

Question 3

(a) Covid-19 Ltd manufactures and sells two products, Astra and Sino. Each product passes through the same three processes (Process 1, 2 and 3). The following information for both the products is as follows for the coming financial period:

Astra Sino
Selling price price per unit $ 600 $ 700
Direct material costs per unit $ 20 $ 400
Annual demand by customers 144,000 units 155,000 units

During the year, its identified that Process 2 is the bottleneck that limits the production and sales of the company. Upon investigating, the maximum hours for Process 2 is 3,075 hours for the year. The bottleneck hours required per unit for product Astra and Sino are 0.02 hour and 0.03 hour respectively.
Total fixed costs for the year amounts to $38,437,500.

(i) Calculate the mix (units) of products, Astra and Sino that will maximize net profits (based on the throughput accounting principles), and calculate the amount of that net profits.

(ii) Calculate the throughput accounting ratio for Products Astra and Sino and comment on your answers.

(b) Describe the value chain analysis and critically discuss its benefits and limitations.

Question 4

(a) Many organisations are struggling in the current pandemic COVID 19 pandemic. Some of the organisations are unable to sustain in the market. The owners of these organisations have to cease their business or dispose of their business to competitors with stronger financial capability.

An international organisation, Jefferson Furniture Group Ltd, Singapore is going to take over the Malaysian Furniture Sdn Bhd. The Malaysia Furniture Sdn Bhd’s current Trainee Manager, Michael is concerned over the possible changes in the business strategic management. Michael wishes to know the potential factors affecting changes in the Malaysian Furniture Sdn Bhd.


Discuss any FIVE (5) factors influencing changes in strategic management.

(b) Sally intends to expand her coffee business to Bangkok, Thailand. Gary advises Sally to conduct the Five Forces analysis in Bangkok before she embarks into the market.


Identify and discuss matters to be considered before Sally venture, into the Bangkok market based on the Porter’s Five Forces Analysis.

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