TEE206/05: Briefly explain the importance of binary number systems in digital electronics: Digital Electronics Assignment, WOU, Malaysia


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TEE206/05 Digital Electronics

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Question 1

(a) Briefly explain the importance of binary number systems in digital electronics.
(b) Convert the decimal numbers into binary numbers and hexadecimal numbers:

(c) By using 8-bit 1’s complement form, subtract 1010from 1510 and state the
answer in hexadecimal.

(d) Using 8-bit 2’s complement form, subtract 1010 from 1510 and state the answer in hexadecimal.

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Question 2

(a) State the name of this logic gate.

(b) Construct the Truth Table for this circuit.

(c) Draw the output waveform of this logic gate according to the signals injected into A and B as shown in Fig. 1.

(d) By using only 2-input NAND gates, design a circuit that will produce the same output as an answer in (c).

(e) State the number of 2-input NAND gates used in question (d)

Question 3

A ripple counter using JK flip-flops (FF) is capable of implementing the counting sequence: F(x)={0,1,2,3} and repeats itself. The JK FF used has a total propagation delay time of 10ns.
(a) Draw the State Diagram for this ripple counter.

(b) Calculate the number of Flip-flops needed to construct this counter.

(c) Calculate the maximum clock frequency of this counter for reliable operation.

(d) State the disadvantage of a ripple counter with multiple FFs.

(e) The disadvantage of a ripple counter can be addressed by using an asynchronous counter.
(i) Briefly explain the advantage of asynchronous counter over an
asynchronous counter.

(ii) Construct the circuit of this synchronous counter using JK FFs to
implement the counting sequence of F(x)={0,1,2,3}.

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