Jebat Megat

1999- Completed Orders

Education qualification:

I have completed a Ph.D. in chemistry from the International Islamic University of Malaysia

Subject paper expertise:

My areas of expertise include kinetics, theoretical chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic, and Inorganic Chemistry.

Academic paper expertise:

I am a chemistry expert and can write any type of paper related to this field including a dissertation, case study, or thesis.

Work experience:

I can write any type of paper related to chemistry, including a dissertation, case study, or thesis. Whatever is your requirement for the academic paper I can provide it in a perfect manner.

Sample Assignment Download

DQS156 Principles Of Economics Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia
The course is intended to provide a basic introduction to economic ideas and focus on student learning by applying the central concepts used in the analysis. It also aims to…
CSC577 Software Engineering: Theories And Principles Assignment Example Malaysia
This assignment CSC577 will introduce you to the theories and practices of Software Engineering, including software processes, requirement analysis design programming practices verification/validation. It also constructs a solid foundation for…
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