STA104 Introduction to Statistics Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

STA- 104 Introduction to Statistics Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

This assignment sample will introduce students to the basics of statistics. Topics include basic sampling techniques, data collection methods, and introductory inferential statistical analysis including descriptive measures like means, frequencies, proportions, and comparisons between groups as well as regression analyses for predicting one variable from another.

Students are also introduced to time series models with applications in forecasting revenues or other variables that change over time such as gas prices or stock market performance. The assignment sample introduces the use of powerful software packages Statistical Analysis using Excel (or SPSS) which is included free on your laptop computer when you further look at this sample.

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Assignment brief of STA- 104 Introduction to Statistics UiTM Malaysia

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
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Upon completion of this assignment sample, students should be able to:

Assignment Task 1: Explain the concept, the use, and the application of basic statistical tools in descriptive and inferential statistics

This assignment sample will explain the concept, use, and application of basic statistical use. Statistics can be used to describe observations in a population or results obtained from an experiment. Descriptive statistics, such as averages and measures of dispersion, provide information about the features of a set of data. Inferential statistics are used for generalizing beyond a single instance, such as when drawing conclusions about populations from observations drawn from the population.

The point of inferential statistics is to make decisions without knowing all the variables involved. We use inference because often what we want to show is that something has happened at least some percentage of the time and not necessarily at every occurrence of it happening; inferring infers that there may have just been some other factors that played some part in why this event occurred outside our scope.

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Assignment Task 2: Determine appropriate statistical solutions and interpreting the real-world problem

In this assignment sample, students will learn how statistics are used in real-world problems.

  • Medical study- Statistics are the backbone of every medical study. They help doctors track mental development and treatments, but they also go deeper than that–they’re used to determine if a drug is working or not.
  • Weather forecast- Statistics are the basis of so many useful techniques and methods, including weather forecasting. Weather forecast models use statistics to compare past conditions with current ones in order to predict future rain or shine.
  • Quality testing- Every day, companies create tens of thousands of products to ensure the best quality items are sold. The company cannot test each one though so they use statistics and quality tests to make sure every product is up-to-par.
  • Stock market- The stock market has always relied on statistics to provide critical information about the economy. By using statistical computer models, analysts are able to quickly analyze stocks and make educated predictions that can be used by both investors and companies for their benefit.

Assignment Task 3: Propose the use of descriptive statistics in the area of computing

In this assignment sample, students will propose the use of descriptive statistics in the area of computing. First, what is a descriptive statistic? In short, a descriptive statistic is a measure of the shape and size of data. As this article suggests, “descriptive statistics can be used to summarize data in ways that make it easier to interpret…”

They include things such as the average weighted on something (such as points earned in all basketball games), the median value for weighted incidents or measurements on something (such as for home values having an equal distribution on a number of square feet), and more general concepts about how often measured data appears inside its groupings (the measurement given here is called frequency).

  • The statistical methods used most often in the computing area are descriptive statistics.
  • This type of research design is most appropriate when trying to address a question that does not require any inferences or predictions, and does not involve any hypothesis testing.
  • One of the most common applications for descriptive statistics in computing is enrollment surveys which can include randomized admissions counseling and recruitment procedures. In addition, they can be applied when collection activity at the subject’s business location prior to, during, or following initial contact with potential customers who meet sampling specifications via mail or phone interviews.

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The above assignment sample is based on STA- 104 Introduction to Statistics.

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