MEK452 Materials Sciences & Technology UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

MEK452 Materials Sciences & Technology is an incredibly engaging and comprehensive course that provides an introduction to modern materials science. With topics ranging from structural engineering principles to polymer and ceramic characteristics, this course has something for every learner interested in the field!

Students will be exposed to some of the latest developments in materials engineering and technology, with deep dives into the design and application of materials for a wide range of purposes. At its heart, MEK452 will equip students with a vast array of knowledge and practice-based learning experiences to propel them forward in the field of materials sciences & technology.

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In this article, three assignment briefs are outlined. These include:

Assignment brief 1: Explain the basic concepts of structure and mechanical and physical properties of materials.

Materials can be divided into two main categories: structure and mechanical and physical properties. When it comes to structuring, we are interested in the way molecules are arranged – for example, crystalline or amorphous. With mechanical properties, meanwhile, we look at the material’s response to external force – things like flexibility or hardness. Physical properties include the material’s density, reflectivity, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity. All of these characteristics determine what an object made from a given material it can do- understanding materials is essential for engineers who must pick out substances best suited for their projects large and small.

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Assignment Brief 2: Identify the relationships between properties, structure and characterizations of materials in performing the materials selection process.

While selecting a material for a specific application, it is important to recognize the intricate relationships between its properties, structure, and characterizations. Properties such as a material’s strength, ductility, stiffness and electron configuration are usually studied to determine how suitable a material would be for performing an intended function. The structure of the material and its atomic arrangement choose how certain properties will manifest.

Finally, performance characteristics like yield strength and fatigue limit must be taken into consideration in the decision-making process in order to ensure that the selected material has the ability to fulfill its purpose. To avoid costly misjudgments, thorough research should always be conducted before making a final materials selection to optimize application performance.

Assignment Brief 3: Construct experimental setup and interpret measurements and observations obtained from practical investigations relating to materials science and technology.

Constructing an effective experimental setup has become an increasingly important contribution to materials science and technology. When designing a setup, every detail must be taken into consideration in order to optimize results. Creating a reliable methodology ensures that results can be properly interpreted, which leads to more accurate experiments.

Furthermore, by using best practices for executing the experiment, such as being meticulous about cleanliness, controlling exposure to other variables, and utilizing proper instruments and equipment, the measurements and observations obtained become increasingly reliable and useful. Through careful preparation of an experimental setup, even greater understanding can be gained in the field of materials science and technology.

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