CSC649 Special Topics In Computer Science UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

A course on the fundamental concepts in computer science and technologies embedded into computing systems to perform a certain task. The class covers specialized techniques that have been mastered through frameworks, problem formulations/definition as well as standard models taught by experts who will teach how these all interrelate together so you can better understand them for your future career needs.

The topics are presented as a result of technological change or community interests, including computer-related skills and intensive study in one specific area. A product development will motivate the coursework while allowing students to put what they learn into practice through design considerations that focus on critical thinking quality productivity.

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These courses offer an excellent opportunity for those who want both career advancement opportunities with increased responsibility but also have time available after graduating from college so can explore other activities like working full time during summer months before entering your dream job.

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By the end of this course, Malaysian students will be able to answer the following questions.

Assignment Activity 1: Illustrate the fundamental concepts of specialized technology in computer science

Computer science is a science that encompasses many different areas within its scope. One important computational aspect of computer science involves the design and analysis of algorithms, a process by which a complexity measure called “computational difficulty” can be defined precisely. There are two standard ways in which the term “algorithm” is used in computer science: 

Programming languages from high-level programming may also form an important subset of usable algorithms – it depends on how far one wishes to widen the definition. In all cases, it is necessary to have knowledge about programming paradigms for applied algorithms.

Tools can range from simple pencil and paper techniques for designing arithmetic sequences up to geometric CAD systems at one end and programmable general-purpose computers at the other.

Assignment Activity 2: Report through verbal and in writing on the impact of specialized technology in computer science

The increasing availability of specialized technology in computer science has impacts on the educational system as well as the home. Children are able to use computers at younger and younger ages, some even before entering kindergarten, which has some benefits such as teaching them how to type and navigate through new technologies.

However, this also means that there is a widening gap between those who have access to such devices and those who don’t. Not only does this widen the achievement gap before children even begin their schooling careers but it also makes accessing new technologies that much more difficult for school-aged children – they may feel embarrassed because not everyone else can carry around a fancy tablet or work with software programs designed for university levels. Is “specialized technology” really beneficial? What are the implications of such technology on society?

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The use of specialized technology in computer science fields allows for more intricate programming and design. This is beneficial in that it allows for new levels of creativity and productivity in the workplace. However, this increased availability also has negative implications on society. One such example is the widening gap between those who have access to such devices and those who don’t. Another example is that school-aged children may feel embarrassed because not everyone else can carry around a fancy tablet or work with software programs designed for university levels.

Assignment Activity 3: Accommodate inquisitive mind of specialized technology in computer science

It’s difficult to speak about a specific area of computer science without being too ambiguous. The field of Computer Science usually focuses on applications, more so than the underlying hardware and software architecture.

In understanding the subject, you can break down Computer Science into three fundamental components; Mathematics, Physics/Natural Sciences and Computers/Computer Engineering. But in general terms it’s like an engineering degree but with less focus on design but more focus on how or why things work (algorithms).

What sets Computer Science apart from the other sciences is its dependency on both Mathematical and Natural Sciences. Although it’s not required, most CS degrees include Physics courses because of the common use of its concepts.

Computer science isn’t just math and programming, though they are a good part of it. It’s also about understanding the limits of computation, how to model things computationally, how to do it with as little resources as possible etc

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