CSC339 Practical Training Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

CSC339- Practical Training Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

In order to graduate, students need working experience in an information processing environment. This subject will introduce them to the challenging work environment of the future by putting together a simulated workplace for you and your classmates. Learners will explore what it’s like to work in an information processing environment and acquire valuable skills that are essential for anyone who wants to succeed. Students will learn about cybersecurity topics such as ethical hacking, cyber warfare, information security management, cryptography, network security technologies and more.

This course is designed to provide students with practical training in computer science principles related to cybersecurity. Students will be engaged in various hands-on activities that are aligned with the AP Computer Science Principles Curriculum Framework for K-12 schools.

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Assignment brief of CSC339 Practical Training UITM Malaysia

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions are given by us.
Upon completion of this assignment sample, students should be able to:

Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate the capability for autonomous learning during the internship

The assignment example discusses the Understanding the scope of autonomous learning, and its importance in a working environment is one of the most crucial skills that an intern can have. Below are a few points that might be helpful to bear in mind during your internship.

  • A more desirable internship position would be on online marketing campaigns or CRM systems than filling up coffee pots. Employees with knowledge about different types of marketing channels and CRMs will always find a (creative) way to stand out beyond just brewing coffee for their superiors.
  • It’s not just robots who have mastered this concept; humans do too! One can always learn from his/her own experiences, outside sources, or courses through independent reading.

Assignment Task 2: Display social skills potential by complying the rules and procedures in the working environment as an individual or in a group

In order to display social skills potential, you have to show that you’re willing and able to comply with the rules and procedures in the working environment. It’s as simple as being a team player! Consider these examples:

  • You just met your new coworkers, but they haven’t offered food at all for lunch like other teams are doing. Tell them how much you appreciate their willingness to provide meals and ask if there is anything specific they need from before moving forward with getting lunches tomorrow.
  • Your coworker seems unhappy at work lately – let them know that it can take time to find your groove, but there should be room for improvement where possible.
  • Make eye contact and smile when you greet someone
  • Introduce yourself to others in the office
  • Offer to help if there’s a task needs to be completed
  • Be courteous and thoughtful, as well as kind and polite, with everyone who crosses your path. Your demeanor tells other employees whether they can get away with slacking off or not–so do your best to create an energetic environment of positivity by always thinking about how you could brighten another person’s day at work. “The more pleasure people take in what they’re doing,” says Lynne Peeples, “the better their performance tends to be.”

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Assignment Task 3: Display practical skill capability in computer science industry

The assignment sample capability in cmputer science. Computer science skills are in high demand within the industry and there is a lot of opportunity for those who want to start or advance their careers. It’s essential that employees have constantly updated and relevant skills though, which means it’s crucial to keep up with developments in this ever-changing field.

Employers will often advertise computer science job opportunities online with specific requirements in order to find candidates with appropriate qualifications, including technical knowledge, education level and expertise.

Computer science skills are fundamental for many professions these days – from design coordination to interacting with customers through web chat programmes such as Skype.

In fact more than half of all American universities offer degrees in computer science.

Assignment Task 4: Associate the computer science knowledge to identify problems and formulate the solutions

This assignment sample explain computer science knowledge to identify problems and formulate the solutions. Computer Science is the study of computing and algorithmic processes that give us the software, apps, games, databases, artificial intelligence–essentially anything that requires a computer to work. It’s all about how computers do what they do – which is most of what we see around us! This includes hardware and software design. Software design involves mainly programming — designing code (or writing it) so a computer can read it and interpret it in order to run programs or perform specific tasks on behalf of humans. Computer Science is an outgrowth of Electrical Engineering with elements including mathematics, physics, linguistics and psychology thrown in for good measure.

Assignment Task 5: Demonstrate effective communication through report writing or presentation

The assignment example explain an Effective communication that can be demonstrated through report writing or presentation. This type of communication relies on an efficient exchange of information between the sender and receiver. The assigned topic was, “What kinds of things would you not say in a job interview?” There are three things that should be avoided when giving a job interview presentation.

  • First, do not give any personal information to strangers and keep outing yourself to just as much mystery as possible.
  • Second, do not show your weaknesses too early as it will set up an underlying tone for the rest of the meeting; Maintain neutrality until you feel comfortable continuing in comfort which most likely won’t happen until after getting hired.
  • Third, don’t give away anything for free such as work samples.

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The assignment sample discussed above is based on CSC339- Practical Training.

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