CEW592 Final Year Project II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

CEW592 Final Year Project II is a course offered by UiTM! This course is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake a research project in their chosen field of study. Throughout the course, students will learn how to identify research problems, formulate research questions, develop hypotheses, design research methodologies, collect and analyze data, and present research findings. Students will also learn about ethical considerations in research, as well as effective communication of research results.

The course is structured to provide students with a supportive environment to conduct their research projects. Students will be guided by experienced supervisors who will provide feedback and support throughout the research process. Students will also have access to various resources, including the library, online databases, and research software.

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In this section, we will provide some assignment tasks. These are:

Assignment Task 1: lnterpret the research methodology and project schedule into real activities.

Interpreting research methodology and project schedule into real activities would involve breaking down the various steps and tasks outlined in the methodology and schedule into specific, actionable activities. The following steps can be followed to do this:

  1. Review the research methodology: Start by reviewing the research methodology to gain a clear understanding of the overall approach being used. Identify the key steps involved, such as data collection, data analysis, and reporting.
  2. Identify the tasks: Based on the methodology, identify the specific tasks that need to be completed to carry out each step. For example, if data collection is one of the steps, tasks may include designing a survey questionnaire, recruiting participants, and collecting data.
  3. Create a task list: Compile a comprehensive list of all the tasks that need to be completed throughout the project. Be sure to include any deadlines or timelines associated with each task.
  4. Assign responsibilities: Determine who will be responsible for completing each task. Consider the skills and expertise required for each task, and assign tasks accordingly.
  5. Create a schedule: Using the task list and timeline information, create a project schedule that outlines the timing of each task and the dependencies between tasks.
  6. Monitor progress: Throughout the project, monitor progress against the schedule to ensure that tasks are completed on time and that the project stays on track.

By breaking down the research methodology and project schedule into specific tasks and activities, you can ensure that the project is well-organized, efficient, and ultimately successful.

Assignment Task 2: Organize, analysis and interpret research findings in a structured manner.

Organizing, analyzing, and interpreting research findings is a crucial step in the research process. Here is a structured approach to help you effectively manage this process:

Review and Verify Findings

Before you begin the analysis, review your findings to ensure that they are accurate and complete. Check your data for any inconsistencies or errors. You should also verify that your findings are consistent with your research question and hypothesis.

Identify Themes or Patterns

The next step is to identify any themes or patterns in your data. Look for similarities and differences in the responses or observations. You can use techniques such as coding or clustering to identify themes.

Categorize Data

Once you have identified the themes or patterns, you can begin to categorize your data. Group similar responses or observations together and assign a category or label to each group.

Use Statistical Techniques

If your research involves numerical data, you can use statistical techniques to analyze your findings. You can use descriptive statistics to summarize the data or inferential statistics to test hypotheses.

Visualize the Data

Visualization is a powerful tool for presenting your findings. You can use charts, graphs, and tables to communicate your results effectively. Visuals can help you to highlight patterns and trends in your data.

Interpret the Findings

The final step is to interpret your findings. Explain what the data means in the context of your research question and hypothesis. Discuss the implications of your findings and any limitations or areas for further research.

By following these steps, you can organize, analyze, and interpret your research findings in a structured and meaningful way.

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Assignment Task 3: Synthesize and compare the research findings with the existing knowledge to identify the contribution of the relevant work which has been carried out.

Synthesizing and comparing research findings with existing knowledge can help identify the contribution of relevant work in a particular field. By analyzing the research, you can determine what new insights or findings have been made, and how they contribute to existing knowledge.

The first step in this process is to review the existing literature to identify the relevant research that has been conducted in the field. This can involve conducting a systematic review of the literature, which involves searching for and critically evaluating all relevant studies that have been published on a particular topic.

Once the relevant research has been identified, it is important to synthesize the findings from these studies. This involves analyzing the data from each study and identifying common themes or trends that emerge. This can help to identify gaps in the existing research, as well as areas where further research is needed.

Comparing the findings from the relevant studies with existing knowledge can help to identify the contribution of the research. For example, if a new study finds that a particular intervention is effective in treating a particular condition, this may add to the existing knowledge about that condition and its treatment. Similarly, if a study challenges existing assumptions or theories, this may help to refine or revise existing knowledge.

Assignment Task 4: Produce and defend a research reporl which is addressing the problems related to infrastructure services and maintenance relevant to the work that has been carried out.


Infrastructure services and maintenance are crucial to ensure the proper functioning of critical systems such as transportation, water supply, communication, and power grids. The maintenance of these systems is becoming increasingly challenging, as the infrastructure becomes more complex and the demand for services grows. The aim of this report is to address the problems related to infrastructure services and maintenance and present recommendations for improving the current system.


One of the major problems related to infrastructure services and maintenance is the lack of funding. Many governments and organizations are struggling to allocate enough funds to maintain and update the existing infrastructure. This leads to a backlog of maintenance work and a deteriorating infrastructure.

Another problem is the lack of skilled workers. The maintenance of infrastructure requires specialized knowledge and training. However, many workers are retiring, and there are not enough new workers to replace them. This results in a shortage of skilled workers, which further exacerbates the problem of infrastructure maintenance.

A third problem is the aging infrastructure. Many countries and cities have old infrastructure that has not been updated for many years. This infrastructure is becoming more and more unreliable and expensive to maintain. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to replace the infrastructure rather than repair it.


To address the problems related to infrastructure services and maintenance, the following recommendations are suggested:

  1. Increase funding: Governments and organizations need to allocate more funding to maintain and update the existing infrastructure. This will reduce the backlog of maintenance work and ensure that the infrastructure is reliable and efficient.
  2. Train new workers: Organizations need to invest in training new workers to replace retiring workers. This will ensure that there are enough skilled workers to maintain the infrastructure.
  3. Prioritize maintenance: Organizations need to prioritize maintenance over new construction. It is more cost-effective to maintain the existing infrastructure than to replace it.
  4. Embrace new technology: Organizations should embrace new technology to improve the efficiency of maintenance work. For example, using drones to inspect infrastructure can save time and money.


Infrastructure services and maintenance are crucial to ensure the proper functioning of critical systems. The problems related to infrastructure maintenance are complex and require a multi-faceted approach to address. By increasing funding, training new workers, prioritizing maintenance, and embracing new technology, organizations can improve the efficiency and reliability of infrastructure maintenance.

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