BSR603 Building Design And Conservation UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BSR603 Building Design And Conservation course is likely a course that focuses on the principles and practices of designing and conserving buildings. It may cover topics such as the history of building design and construction, building materials and their properties, structural design, energy efficiency, sustainability, and conservation methods.

Students taking this course may learn how to design buildings that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe, functional, and sustainable. They may also learn how to use various techniques to preserve historic buildings and structures, such as the use of traditional materials and construction methods.

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Assignment Objective 1: Interpret a common vocabulary and the building conservation principles and practice.

Building conservation refers to the process of preserving and maintaining the historical, architectural, cultural, and social significance of buildings and structures. The principles and practices of building conservation are based on a common vocabulary that includes the following terms:

  1. Heritage value: The cultural, historical, or social significance of a building or structure.
  2. Authenticity: The degree to which a building or structure retains its original design, materials, and craftsmanship.
  3. Preservation: The process of maintaining and protecting a building or structure in its existing state.
  4. Restoration: The process of returning a building or structure to its original state.
  5. Conservation: The process of protecting and maintaining a building or structure while allowing for necessary repairs and alterations.
  6. Adaptive reuse: The process of converting a building or structure for a new use while preserving its historical and cultural significance.
  7. Maintenance: The ongoing process of keeping a building or structure in good condition through routine repairs and upkeep.

Building conservation principles and practices are rooted in the idea of sustainable development, which aims to balance economic, social, and environmental needs. This involves using appropriate materials and techniques for repairs and alterations, and minimizing the impact of interventions on the building’s original fabric. In addition, building conservation seeks to involve local communities in the preservation of their cultural heritage, and to ensure that conservation efforts are carried out in a way that is respectful of their needs and aspirations.

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Assignment Objective 2: Derive from site analysis and condition survey of the heritage buildings to produce conclusive description of the study.

The site analysis and condition survey of heritage buildings provide valuable insights that can be used to produce a conclusive description of the study. Here is an outline of the steps involved in deriving a conclusive description from the site analysis and condition survey:

  1. Site analysis: The site analysis should include a detailed assessment of the location, surroundings, and site features that may affect the heritage building’s condition. This analysis should also include a review of the building’s historical significance and its relationship to the surrounding environment.
  2. Condition survey: The condition survey should provide a detailed assessment of the building’s physical condition, including any damage, deterioration, or structural issues that may affect its stability and long-term preservation.
  3. Assessment of significance: Based on the site analysis and condition survey, it is essential to assess the building’s significance in terms of its historical, cultural, and architectural value. This assessment should include an evaluation of the building’s historical context, architectural style, and cultural significance.
  4. Recommendations for preservation: Based on the assessment of significance and the condition survey, the study should provide recommendations for the preservation and restoration of the heritage building. These recommendations should consider the building’s historical, cultural, and architectural significance and identify any necessary repairs, maintenance, or upgrades needed to ensure its long-term preservation.
  5. Conclusion: Finally, the study should conclude with a conclusive description that summarizes the findings of the site analysis and condition survey and highlights the building’s historical, cultural, and architectural significance. The conclusion should also provide a clear summary of the recommendations for preservation and restoration and emphasize the importance of protecting and preserving heritage buildings for future generations.

Assignment Objective 3: Present the case study in the form of graphic and verbal communication.

As the world progresses, businesses are required to adapt to new methods of marketing and advertising in order to stay ahead of the curve. One such example is the case study, which allows businesses to share their successes and failures with their audience in a relatable way. Case studies are an excellent way to present the company in a positive light, as they allow potential customers to see how the company has helped others in similar situations.

When creating a case study, it is important to consider both the graphic and verbal elements of the communication. The visuals should be clear and concise, while the text should be well-written and free of errors.

Assignment Objective 4: Integrate both theory and ethical approaches in building conservation to produce final design for the study.

Building conservation is the process of preserving, protecting, and restoring historic buildings to their original condition. The conservation of historic buildings is important for many reasons, including preserving cultural heritage, maintaining architectural and historical significance, and promoting sustainable development. In designing a building conservation project, it is essential to integrate both theory and ethical approaches to ensure the project’s success.


The theory behind building conservation is grounded in the principles of architectural history and restoration. The main objective of building conservation is to preserve and restore the historic building’s architectural features, materials, and overall design. This process involves understanding the building’s history, identifying its significance, and developing a plan to conserve and restore it. The conservation process should aim to maintain the building’s original character and authenticity, while also ensuring its functional and economic viability.

One of the critical theories underpinning building conservation is the principle of minimal intervention. This principle asserts that conservation interventions should be kept to a minimum to avoid damaging or altering the building’s original features. This approach recognizes the importance of preserving the building’s historical and cultural significance and avoiding over-zealous or inappropriate changes that could alter its character.

Ethical Approaches

Building conservation is not just about preserving the physical structure; it also involves ethical considerations. Ethical approaches to building conservation include considerations of social responsibility, sustainability, and inclusivity. Conservation projects must be designed to minimize the negative impact on the environment, protect cultural heritage, and promote social inclusion.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a key ethical consideration in building conservation. Conservation projects should be designed to benefit the local community and promote social inclusion. This may involve creating community spaces, improving accessibility for people with disabilities, and preserving local cultural heritage.


Sustainability is another important ethical consideration in building conservation. The conservation process should aim to reduce the environmental impact of the building, including energy consumption, water use, and waste production. This can be achieved through the use of sustainable building materials and energy-efficient technologies.


Inclusivity is also an essential ethical consideration in building conservation. Conservation projects should aim to be inclusive, reflecting the diversity of the local community. This may involve creating spaces that are accessible to people with disabilities, providing interpretation and education materials in multiple languages, and preserving cultural heritage.

Final Design

In designing a building conservation project, it is essential to integrate both theory and ethical approaches. The final design should reflect the building’s historical and cultural significance, while also promoting social responsibility, sustainability, and inclusivity.

The final design should aim to preserve the building’s original character and authenticity while also ensuring its functional and economic viability. This can be achieved through the use of sustainable building materials, energy-efficient technologies, and minimal intervention principles. The design should also incorporate spaces and features that promote social inclusion and reflect the diversity of the local community.

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