BSR205 Building Surveying Practice I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BSR205 Building Surveying Practice I course is typically part of a curriculum in building surveying. This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the key principles and practices of building surveying, with a particular focus on the surveying of existing buildings.

The course typically covers a range of topics related to building surveying practice, including the role and responsibilities of building surveyors, building inspection techniques, defect diagnosis and reporting, and building regulations and codes. Students may also learn about legal and ethical issues related to building surveying, as well as the importance of effective communication and teamwork in building surveying practice.

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Acquire assignment samples for BSR205 Building Surveying Practice I course provides a wide range of assignment samples for BSR205 Building Surveying Practice I course, which can be helpful to understand the topics covered in the course. These samples include topics like role and responsibilities of building surveyors, building inspection techniques, defect diagnosis and reporting, building regulations and codes and more. By studying these assignment samples students can gain valuable insights into the key principles and practices of building surveying.

In this section, we will describe some assignment activities. These are:

Assignment Activity 1: Identify fundamental theory and practice of building surveying works based on Code of Practice for Building Inspection Reports (CPBS 101).

The fundamental theory and practice of building surveying works are based on the Code of Practice for Building Inspection Reports (CPBS 101), which outlines the standards and guidelines for conducting building surveys and preparing inspection reports.

The key principles of the CPBS 101 include:

  1. Conducting a thorough inspection of the building: The building surveyor must inspect all accessible areas of the building, including the roof, walls, floors, and foundation, to identify any defects, damage, or other issues.
  2. Identifying and documenting defects: The surveyor must identify any defects or deficiencies in the building and document them in the inspection report. This includes both visible defects and those that may be hidden, such as damp or rot.
  3. Providing recommendations for remedial action: The surveyor should provide recommendations for remedial action to address any defects or deficiencies identified during the inspection. This may include repairs, maintenance, or other improvements.
  4. Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards: The surveyor must ensure that the building complies with relevant regulations and standards, such as building codes and safety regulations.
  5. Maintaining professional standards: The surveyor must maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity in their work, adhering to ethical standards and ensuring that their work is accurate and unbiased.

Overall, the CPBS 101 provides a framework for building surveyors to conduct thorough and comprehensive inspections of buildings, identify any defects or deficiencies, and provide recommendations for remedial action to ensure that buildings are safe, structurally sound, and compliant with relevant regulations and standards.

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Assignment Activity 2: Organized a method of building inspection for low rise building by using necessary tools and equipments.

The following is a method of building inspection for low-rise buildings using necessary tools and equipment:

  1. Conduct a preliminary survey of the building exterior: Walk around the building to identify any visible defects or areas of concern, such as cracks, water stains, or structural damage.
  2. Use a moisture meter: This tool can detect areas of excess moisture in walls or ceilings, which may indicate water damage or mold growth.
  3. Inspect the roof: Use a ladder to climb onto the roof and inspect it for any visible damage or signs of wear and tear. Check for missing shingles or tiles, cracks, or other signs of damage.
  4. Use a flashlight: Inspect the interior of the building using a bright flashlight to identify any areas of concern that may be difficult to see with the naked eye.
  5. Check for structural damage: Use a level to check for any structural damage to the building, such as bowing or leaning walls.
  6. Inspect the plumbing: Turn on all faucets and flush all toilets to ensure that the plumbing is functioning properly. Check for leaks or damage to pipes.
  7. Check the electrical system: Use a multimeter to test the electrical outlets and switches to ensure that they are functioning properly. Inspect the electrical panel for any signs of damage or wear.
  8. Use a thermal imaging camera: This tool can detect areas of heat loss or air leaks in the building, which may indicate poor insulation or other energy efficiency issues.
  9. Inspect the foundation: Check the foundation for any visible cracks or signs of settling, which may indicate structural damage.

By following these steps and using the necessary tools and equipment, you can conduct a thorough building inspection for low-rise buildings. It is important to document all findings and report any areas of concern to the appropriate parties, such as the building owner or property manager.

Assignment Activity 3: Explain on the principles of building defects and its properties of materials which affect the building performance.

Building defects refer to any flaws or issues in the design, construction, or maintenance of a building that can affect its performance or safety. These defects can arise from a variety of factors, including poor design, improper construction techniques, or inadequate maintenance.

The properties of materials used in construction can have a significant impact on the performance of a building and its susceptibility to defects. Some of the key properties of materials that can affect building performance include:

  1. Strength: Materials with low strength may be more susceptible to cracking or failure under stress, leading to structural defects.
  2. Durability: Materials that are not durable may degrade or deteriorate over time, leading to issues such as water infiltration, rot, or rust.
  3. Thermal conductivity: Materials with high thermal conductivity can result in increased heat loss or gain, leading to issues such as poor energy efficiency or condensation.
  4. Moisture absorption: Materials that absorb moisture can lead to issues such as mold growth, rot, and deterioration.
  5. Corrosion resistance: Materials that are not resistant to corrosion can lead to issues such as rust and deterioration.
  6. Fire resistance: Materials that are not fire-resistant can pose a significant safety hazard in the event of a fire.

To prevent building defects, it is important to use high-quality materials with appropriate properties and to ensure that they are installed and maintained properly. Building professionals should also carefully consider design and construction techniques to minimize the risk of defects and ensure that buildings are safe, durable, and efficient. Regular inspections and maintenance can also help to identify and address any potential defects before they become more serious problems.

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