BQS659 Professional Practice III UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BQS659 Professional Practice III course is an ideal opportunity to explore the world of business consulting in depth. During the duration of this course, students acquire knowledge and cultivate skills that equip them with a toolkit to effectively advise organizations on their best-fit solutions.

Topics include core domains such as research and analytical techniques, communication approaches and problem-solving methods. This comprehensive course embraces a hands-on approach to bridge the gap between theory and practice, allowing participants to gain real-world experience through their applied research projects. Sign up now and start your journey toward becoming a confident professional business consultant!

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In the following section, we will examine a few assignment briefs in detail. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Relate the provisions in Standard forms of contract and their application as the mechanism for contract administration.

Standard forms of contract are commonly used for managing construction projects due to their efficacy in providing comprehensive provisions that take into account the interests of both parties involved. Such contracts generally include standard clauses and provisions such as payment requirements, quality expectations, performance obligations, and other relevant information.

These contracts are useful to effectively administer the contract and provide the necessary instructions to protect both parties from contractual disputes or misunderstandings. The ability to incorporate such a document in a project provides a robust framework for establishing expectations and guidelines which cover all potential areas of conflict. As a result, contract administrators are able to ensure that the contractual obligations are met by each party efficiently and expediently with minimal risk.

Assignment Brief 2: Interpret the quantity surveyor’s responsibility for the management of contract administration.

A quantity surveyor’s responsibility for contract administration encompasses many different tasks related to the delivery of building construction. These responsibilities include estimation, evaluation, and control of project costs from initial inception to completion. Quantity Surveyors also review tender documents, compile detailed cost plans, assess applicable statutory requirements, and check compliance with contract terms.

Crucially, they are involved throughout the entire management process of a construction contract to ensure that all costs are monitored against pre-determined budgets and that payment progress is managed efficiently in accordance with contractual agreements. As a result, the role of a Quantity Surveyor is vital in helping both client and contractor maintain financial performance objectives while mitigating potential risks associated with construction activities.

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