BGN254 Building Construction IV UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BGN254 Building Construction IV course is an exciting opportunity for anyone eager to explore the world of construction and understand it in greater detail. It is a class that covers the principles of project management as they apply to construction. Students will learn how to evaluate material costs, develop scheduling systems, and implement quality control measures.

By the end of this course, participants will have a better understanding of contract negotiation tactics, the legal framework surrounding contracts, and tendering procedures. Do you want to experience and improve your expertise in construction? Then this is the perfect opportunity and I urge everyone to take advantage of it!

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In this section, we will discuss several assignment activities. These include:

Assignment Activity 1: Apply the basic theories of executing site investigation to substructure works in building construction (C3).

An effective site investigation for a substructure in building construction (C3) is essential to obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the site, its geology, hydrogeology and soil properties. The basic theories of site investigation should be carefully applied to discoveries from laboratory work as well as ongoing on-site observations.

These theories include sampling techniques developed for field testing, drilling and coring, data analysis and relevant interpretation. Thus, this theoretical approach helps form the foundation for careful decision-making throughout the project, ensuring that any development at the site can be done safely and with minimal environmental impact.

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Assignment Activity 2: Report verbally and in writing the construction methods of site investigation to substructure works in building construction (A3).

Site investigation is a crucial factor for many stages in the construction of a building’s substructure. In order to ensure quality, professionals must carefully document, analyze and report their findings throughout the site investigation process. This includes verbal and written reports; describing the different types of construction methods used as well as any abnormal conditions found during this time.

By thoroughly assessing the various methods used for digging and filling trenches, driving piles, constructing basements and other activities involved in substructure works, teams are able to recreate accurate records of the materials used and procedures carried out during the construction phase. Comprehensive documentation of site investigation is an essential part of any successful project in building construction.

Assignment Activity 3: Display the soil test procedures according to PWD Standards and Specifications applied in building construction (P3).

Obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the soil prior to any construction project is essential for ensuring a successful outcome. According to the PWD Standard and Specification, the recommended soil test procedure is to sample from several depths at various locations within an area. The soil samples should be kept as undisturbed as possible during sampling, labeled and stored in a cool place until tested.

Once collected and tested, the results would provide engineers with detailed information about the physical properties of the soil that can be used to judge suitability for building purposes and inform decisions during design. Taken together, these data points can give significant insight into which soils or combinations thereof will be most appropriate for the particular application.

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