BCT423 Land Survey UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BCT423 Land Survey course is a great way for those interested in learning more about surveying. As one of the key topics within the field of civil engineering, this course will provide students with an introduction to land surveying practices and principles, along with an overview of related software tools.

Students will learn how to properly utilize equipment such as total stations, GPS receivers and robotics systems while also gaining insight into boundary lines and boundary laws. Through interactive projects, lab assignments and other activities, this course gives students a comprehensive picture of the important role that land surveying plays in modern engineering.

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Let’s dive into a few assignment activities! Specifically, here are the ones we’ll look at:

Assignment Activity 1: Describe the principles and calculation of site surveying techniques and applications in Land Survey.

Site surveying is an incredibly important part of land surveying that requires careful measurement and calculation. One important principle involves measuring the area’s boundaries, whether by distant coordinates, such as in aerial surveying or by measuring distances between fixed points, such as a traverse survey. Measuring angles between these points also play a key role in determining the site location from multiple perspectives and conditions. In addition, there are different site surveying techniques to consider based on the type of terrain being surveyed and the accuracy needed for the project.

For example, it may be best to use photogrammetry if one needs to more accurately recreate a 3D scene or use ground penetrating radar if looking to investigate subterranean features. There is no single approach to site surveying and its associated calculations, but with proper planning and adherence to best practices, these tools can provide invaluable input into ultimately creating an accurate depiction of a particular piece of land.

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Assignment Activity 2: Determine the problems of site surveying data in Land Survey.

Site surveying data is a critical piece of information for land surveyors but it can also be difficult and time-consuming to collect. Shortage of personnel, surveys that need to be adjusted for elevation, obtaining aerial photographs and large-scale mapping are some of the major problems associated with site surveying data in land surveying. Property boundaries are difficult to establish when they’re not clearly marked and even experienced surveyors can struggle with pulling together the right set of information, making interpretation a huge challenge.

Additionally, antiquated technology and ground disturbances caused by land developers can lead to other issues – such as outdated political boundaries or inaccurate elevation levels – making it even more difficult for surveyors to get an accurate picture of their chosen site. The challenges posed by these kinds of modern issues require cutting-edge solutions that continue to evolve over time.

Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate autonomous learning in reporting and interpreting data of site surveying procedures and calculations in Land Surveys.

Autonomous learning is critical for a successful land surveyor and it is demonstrated when reporting and interpreting data from site surveying and calculations. In order to accurately illustrate the boundary of a parcel of property, site surveying includes the measurement of horizontal distances, vertical distances, and angles between surveyed points. These figures are then used for subsequent calculations.

An experienced land surveyor must be able to independently use different methods to assess, report on, and interpret all obtained data from the measuring process. Adept autonomous learners have all the skills necessary to successfully complete their surveys with accuracy, knowledgeability, and timeliness — selling points that entice potential clients. Autonomy in learning is essential in any field but particularly in Land Survey where these skills can help set a professional apart from their competitors.

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