You have been employed by an Information Technology (IT) industry as an IT Officer who is to set up a simple LAN in a department: Computer Systems and Networking Assignment, CU, Malaysia

University curtin university (CU)
Subject Computer Systems and Networking

Question 1

 You have been employed by an Information Technology (IT) industry as an IT Officer who is to set up a simple Local Area Network (LAN) in a department that consists of THREE (3) workstations, a server and a router that serve to the Internet.

  1. Construct a simple diagram to represent the LAN network required.
  2. LAN technology was developed with the purpose to communicate, share information and produce information locally and remotely. State any TWO (2) examples for the purpose.
  3. c) Show how LAN operated through network and computer.

Question 2

 Skype is a telecommunication application software product. It offers a service that allows you to make a phone call from a Personal Computer (PC) to an ordinary phone. This means that the voice call must pass through both the Internet and through the telephone network. Discuss how this might be done.

Question 3

Figure 1 below shows the components used in building up a computer stick system in a home network. Choose a product brand which is available from the market and explain briefly the components involved and how it works (includes cable, adapter and relevant picture).

Question 4

Briefly explain on the range of Internet Protocol (IP) address in Figure 2.

Question 5

A calling device requests for communication to a receiving device by sending a request signal. The receiving device accepted the request by establishing handshake signal with the calling device, therefore, communication is established.

a) What is the purpose of handshaking in Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection orientation?

b) Compare the signal SYN (sync), ACK (acknowledge) and FIN (finish) in TCP handshaking.

c) With the aid of a diagram, interpret the process of handshaking for a data transfer or communication until terminated.

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