You are expected to prepare a report to the Management team. You must prepare the Project Charter: Project Management & Consultancy Assignment, TU, Malaysia


Taylor's University (TU)

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Project Management & Consultancy

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Question 1. A

You have been contracted by Taylor’s Consultancy to undertake a pivotal role. In the wake of the pandemic crisis, Taylor’s University has made strategic managerial decisions resulting in the closure of the Ruemz Hotel, previously situated at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus above the well-known Starbucks outlet.
Project Management & Consultancy

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In this scenario, the closure has created an urgent need for redevelopment and rebranding. Taylor’s management, looking towards a post-pandemic future, has sought your expertise as a consultant to collaborate with the project manager in reviving the hospitality services on campus.

Your primary responsibility is to develop a comprehensive Project Charter for the inception of “Taylor’s Hotel.” This document will lay the foundation for the project, outlining objectives, scope, participants, and a timeline. It is imperative that this charter addresses the challenges of transitioning from the former Ruemz Hotel to a new entity that can thrive in the evolving hospitality landscape.

Taylor’s group has set an ambitious goal to launch the hotel within a 14-month timeframe, anticipating a resurgence in demand for campus-centric hospitality services. As an expert in Hospitality, your insight will be instrumental in steering this project towards success, ensuring that Taylor’s Hotel becomes synonymous with excellence and resilience in the face of industry adversity.

The closure of Ruemz Hotel has left a void in the university’s infrastructure, one that provided essential services to visitors, students, and faculty alike. The new hotel aims not only to fill this gap but to elevate the quality and scope of services offered. It is envisaged to serve as a beacon of hospitality, catering to an international audience and becoming a symbol of the university’s adaptability and forward-thinking approach.

The impact of this project on the university is profound. The success of “Taylor’s Hotel” will directly influence the university’s reputation, potentially attracting a higher calibre of partnerships, academic staff, and prospective students. Moreover, the hotel is expected to become a core component of Taylor’s revenue generation model, diversifying its income streams beyond traditional academic offerings. The hotel’s design and service quality are therefore critical in defining the future social and economic landscape of the campus.

Question 1.A
Work Required: You are expected to prepare a report to the Management team. You must prepare the Project Charter by developing each element of the project charter in the report. To help you with this task, a document is provided in the appendix with a compilation of information shared between stakeholders.

Your report should be submitted in a separate file in PDF format and should include: a cover page, an introduction, the seven elements of the project charter from the objectives to the authorization, and a conclusion. The report should also be structured and supported with relevant justifications. When providing your response, please ensure to address the following aspects: compliance to the structure, coherence of sentences and grammar, and quality of the content.

Question 2.A
Work Required: You are expected to conduct a presentation of the feasibility of the project based on the location analysis to the Senior Management team.

Your presentation should include a comprehensive overview of the project, with detailed explanation. You must also provide your analysis on the attractiveness of the site, the human resource cost that can be expected, the challenges expected and the transports links available. When providing your response, please ensure to address the following aspects: quality of speech, usage of clear language and verbiage, effective usage of visual support, the presentation catered to senior management, relevance of examples and justifications.

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